Columnist Raza Rumi escapes terrorists’ siege in Lahore; driver dies – Usman Khan

LAHORE: Renowned columnist and anchorperson of a Pakistani news channel ‘Express News’, Raza Rumi, have escaped safe from a terrorists’ attack on Friday (today) in Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

Raza-Rumi 1

Unidentified assailants have opened fire on the vehicle of Express News’ anchorperson of ‘Khabar Se Aagay’, Raza Rumi, while entering into Raza Market located in Ferozpur Road of the city.

Rumi’s vehicle has reportedly gone out of controlled and overturned on the location; which resulted minor injuries to the journalist while his driver and bodyguard suffered severe wounds.

The injured persons were shifted to Lateef Hospital, but his driver succumbed to injuries while the bodyguard is under treatment.

Terrorists fled from the location easily and safely after targeting the journalist’s car.

Police have reached the location and cordoned off whole area to commence a search operation.

Raza Rumi told the local media that some banned organisations have put him on their hit-lists and the recent attack have proved it.

He slammed the ruling powers; said that the attack is a proof of lawlessness in Pakistan and every citizen is moving without having surety of his life as terrorists could easily target individual wherever they want.

It should be mentioned that it was considered to be fourth attack on the workers under flag of local news channel ‘Express News’, which resulted killing of its 3 employees.

The previous attacks had been carried out by unidentified terrorists in Karachi, the metropolitan city of Pakistan.


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