One dead in gun attack on prominent Pakistani journalist (AFP Story)

The Global Post

Unknown gunmen opened fire at the car of a prominent Pakistani television anchor known for his outspoken views against the Taliban, killing his driver and injuring his bodyguard, officials said.

Raza Rumi was on his way to his Express Television office when his car came under fire from gunmen on two motorcycles in the eastern city of Lahore, police chief Chaudhry Shafique said.

“It was a targeted attack,” said Shafique, adding that police found 11 empty bullet casings near the scene.

Abbas Nasir, a former editor of leading English-daily Dawn, said the incident was “utterly shocking”.

“It’s clearly an attempt to silence the voices of sanity in the media,” he added.

Amnesty International’s Pakistan researcher Mustafa Qadri said: “Raza’s case is a sad reminder of the threats faced by journalists like him who are promoting human rights and understanding in Pakistan society.

“Amnesty International has documented at least three cases of journalists killed this year as a direct result of their work, with scores of others, like Raza, narrowly escaping,” he told AFP.

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