Truthful journalists are targeted, says Sethi

March 31, 2014

The News

LAHORE: Senior analyst Najam Sethi said on Saturday that the Pakistan state had been weakened after the killing of its workers and security persons.

Speaking in Geo News programme ‘Aapas Ki Baat,’ Sethi said 10 to 15 journalists were killed in Pakistan every year and the number of the killed police and army men was exceptionally higher. “The government cannot provide security to journalists but it also cannot protect itself. If senior politicians can be provided with security, why not senior journalists? Many people turn against journalists for speaking the truth and many others keep quiet and do not tell the truth. Journalists, who speak the truth, are targeted,” he added.

The senior analyst said the Taliban were not pleased with some journalists; secret agencies were not happy with others; some political parties with militant wings were also against some journalists. “Ahsan Iqbal should have condemned the terrorist attack on journalist Raza Rumi in Lahore on behalf of the government. However, he said what he did not want to say. A channel was attacked thrice and its reaction should have been comprehensive. It could happen to any channel. Geo has also faced it. All media organisations should decide about it and should not give coverage to the Taliban and militant organisations at least for few days. However, the media has rifts and if one media house flashes a news report, others downplay it. It is unfortunate. Journalists should get united on attacks on their colleagues,” he added.

He said Saudi Arabia wanted the US to eliminate Iran. “It is unhappy over the Iran-US nuclear deal. However, the US has its own interests in the region and there is also a proposal under consideration to raise an army of 30,000 for the security of the Gulf,” he added.


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