US Supports Brave Pakistani journalists: Richard Olson

08 April 2014

Business Recorder

ISLAMABAD: The US ambassador to Islamabad Richard Olson has said Pakistan has a very free and vibrant media which is a recent trend and journalists are playing an important role in the society.

The American top diplomat was making his brief remarks at a reception hosted here on Monday by minister counsellor for public affairs of the U.S embassy, Peter Brennan in honour of visiting delegation of American journalists from the East West Centre.

The US journalists are visiting Pakistan and would go to its main cities to have firsthand knowledge of its people and conditions. Many of them, when asked of their first impression of the leafy capital was impressed by its greenery and peaceful environs.

Olson said the journalist would have a chance, during their visit, to get an insight into this complex and exciting country.

He said the challenges faced by Pakistani journalists were huge as was indicated by a recent attack on the anchorperson of a private television channel Raza Rumi who was nearly killed. They are facing threats from Tehreek-e-Taliban who have said it was committed to killing of journalists.

However Olson said that his government would support the “role of our brave Pakistani journalists in Pakistani society.

During the course of their interaction with their Pakistani colleagues, American journalists have, had exchange of views on the just concluded Afghan general elections and prospects of peace in that country.


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