Raza Rumi: I’m Proud of You!

March 29th, 2014

Pak Tea House

Kasim Osmani

It is nothing but a stroke of luck when you happen to meet and start working with your most favorite personality. The very idea that you are going to work with country’s prominent political analyst excites the imagination. It fills you with high spirits and you feel like the luckiest person on planet. I felt so, when I met and started working with Raza Rumi.

A day after I shared my profile, I found myself sitting across Raza Rumi, having kehwa and discussing how I could contribute to his bulging workload. Staring at him with almost static eyeballs, I expressed my earnest gratitude and determination for the given responsibilities.

Raza Rumi entirely changed my views about a boss and people working in “private sector”. Now, I had a smiling boss who wouldn’t bother sharing his lunch and offering me a cup of tea every day. He is not bossy, though a straight-forward person. Though I literally tested his patience whenever I couldn’t execute (or even understand!) a given task and cited a glitch each time out of confusion; Raza Rumi would come down to a spoon-feeding level to help me understand it. He does not lose his patience. I am deeply inspired by his humbleness, kindness, and a friendly attitude.

As days passed on, I realized that Raza Rumi is much more than a political analyst. He is a literary figure, an author, an art-lover, a historian, a researcher, a development expert, and above all, a sufi-soul. Rarely have I seen people with high success rates in more than one profession. However, Raza Rumi served in superior services, worked at top positions at Asian Development Bank, and is now a prominent political analyst on written and electronic media.

A pure Lahori, Raza Rumi has amassed probably the most extensive online literature on the history of Lahore. Though I travelled there a lot many times, I never had an idea of what an amazing history and architecture Lahore keeps for all of us.  I still feel it a filial duty to contribute to this finest historical blog, the Lahorenama. Moreover, Raza Rumi is a fierce blogger. It is with him that i learnt how to start something from the scratch and bring it to the spotlight with sheer hardworking and dedication.

After reading Delhi by Heart, I felt awe-inspired. This book takes you from the alleys to the magnificent tombs, temples and crowded shrines of Delhi. It gives you historical as well as personal account of the writer’s multiple visits to Delhi. His affiliation to art and heritage and love for Sufism is all packed in this beautiful book. I feel proud to have contributed a bit in promotion of this book.

Yesterday’s attack on Raza Rumi (now, my former boss) has saddened me for I take it as an attempt to discourage the finest minds Pakistan has ever produced. Yet, it raised my courage to stand by the truth whatever may come. I express deepest condolences to the family of his driver. Sir Raza, nothing should deter us from speaking the truth. God be your protector.


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