Abusive Tweets

On tweeting about recent peace talks between Afghan Taliban and Afghan Govt. Raza Rumi encountered some abusive tweets, these also included the responses he got after questioning about the Tableeghi Jamaat questioning his religious integrity.

Social Media Harassment

Compilation of social media harassment by different accounts.

You (Raza Rumi) should learn Islam as you know nothing of it and you are trying to give lessons of humanity to us. Pig with the nature of pimp!

I have offered you to debate on Islam, come and debate and you will be humiliated whenever you will talk against Islam.

Curse on the Taliban and the dogs who support them also curse on the dogs of Ahmadis who bark, curse on them a thousand time. Is it all right now?

If the Gun is ours the target will never be missed.

If there is very less use of dog killer guns in Army then why is Raza Rumi barking this much?

Who attacked Raza Rumi- II

April 26th, 2014

Pak Tea House

Here is a compilation of tweets that indicate news reports on the attackers of Raza Rumi and some of the reactions by the twitter sphere


Who attacked Raza Rumi: A few pointers

Punjab Police has arrested members of a banned outfit in connection with attack on author, journalist Raza Rumi. Here are a few tweets posted by an investigative reporter Asad Kharal. The intent of terrorists seems to be clear. They missed the target. May God protect Rumi who has left the country.


Political parties condemn the attack on Raza Rumi

On 28th March 2014 Senior Journalist and Express TV show “Khaber Se Agey” Anchor Raza Rumi was attacked by unknown assailants. Raza survived the attack but his driver died. There was a huge anger and outrage on the “twitter” against this brutal attack. Lots of condemning tweets were POSTED and people from all fields took part in this outrage. Here is a collection of some tweets by the Politicians who expressed their grief on twitter. Continue reading

Tweets by International & National Journalists & Analysts on Attack on Raza Rumi

On the Attack on Raza Rumi International and National Analysts, Journalists and Anchors condemned it on twitter and other social media.